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Physical & Motor

balanced nutritional diet for children

Healthy Growth

We provide a balanced nutritional diet from our in-house kitchen. Our monthly menu includes daily fruits and vegetables. We also avoid serving foods with trans fats and products containing partially hydrogenated oils and limit items with food coloring and added sugars. While vegetarian options and organic supplied milk daily are available.

Gross Motor Skills

Developing control over the movements of the body’s large muscles is vital at this age. Through activities such as walking, running, jumping, or dancing, we help our children gain good control over their bodies.

Gross Motor Skills in children
Children Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

The next step is to develop control over the movements of finer muscles, particularly finger muscles, and hand-eye coordination. Through activities such as drawing, coloring, thumb printing, pattern making, or clay molding, we help our children achieve control over their fingers and develop hand-eye coordination in a fun way.

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