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Listening Skills

Children will learn sound discrimination and develop an ear for phonics. They will master this with imaginative storytelling, sing-along songs, traditional book readings, audible stories, and watching audio-visual material; we help develop their listening skills.


Through fun conversations, action rhymes, picture reading cards, and role play, we develop and enhance our children’s vocabulary.

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Child-Centric Approach

Oral Expression

Our children learn to create sentences and use correct grammar via free conversation or show-and-tell activities.


Through the visuals in books, children will learn to identify objects and situations. Unique letter activities are also introduced and implemented so that they can gradually identify letters and words mentioned in the books.

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They start by handling crayons and pencils indulging in drawing and coloring activities to develop controlled visual motor movements. Later, they move on to joining dots, tracing, copying forms and making patterns similar to the letters and words. .

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